Victoria Frequent Transit Map – An Update

Happy 2017! As a present to myself (and to whomever actually reads this), here’s an actual blog post to start the year! And guess what? This post will be an update on the last post (from over a year ago). Below is the exact same map region as what I posted in October 2015, but with a few changes.

Victoria Frequent Transit Map – January 2017 Update

What’s different?

  • Updated colour palette to be a bit brighter
  • Route numbers now indicate daily service vs weekday only service
  • Improved directional arrow design
  • Removed one more service frequency level to further simplify look (the dashed route line on route 13)

So I’m actually getting close to actually finishing this project. But what’s left to do? Consider the following part of my New Years Resolutions:

  • Clean up/improve shoreline
  • Downtown inset map
  • Cover design
  • Make sure map is up-to-date with BC Transit’s service updates

If you want to see the full Victoria/Saanich/West Shore region of the map as of this morning, you can see it here.