I’ve been designing and building websites since the days of Netscape Navigator and <blink>, but I’ll work on just about anything – from hospital websites to transit maps to real estate signage to custom WordPress themes to corporate graphic guidelines. I’ve collaborated with multi-national corporations, independent retailers, regional transportation agencies, non-for-profit health foundations, and many real estate developers. With my multidisciplinary skillset, I can design and produce at just about any stage of any project. If it hasn’t been done before, I’ll learn how to do it. If it has been done before, I’ll learn how to do it better. My skills are many, my knowledge is vast, and my puns are terrible.

I am better than you at Goldeneye 007 for the N64.

I Use

  • Javascript/jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Wordpress
  • grunt/gulp/yarn/whatever the latest Sage is running
  • git + Bitbucket + Sourcetree
  • Atom + Codekit
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • CADtools
  • Begrudingly – and when only absolutely necessary – Flash

I Design

  • Brand Identities
  • Websites
  • Maps, Maps, Maps!
  • Annual Reports
  • Corporate Documents
  • Stationery Packages
  • Data Visualization
  • Sales & Presentation Centres
  • Signage & Wayfinding
  • Icon Sets
  • In Browser

I Build

  • Custom Wordpress Themes
  • Responsive, Mobile First Websites
  • Graphic Standard Manuals
  • Bulletproof Print Files
  • Wireframes
  • IKEA Furniture With Minimal Swearing