Victoria Streetcar Map from 1902

Victoria Streetcar Map 1902 – Full

Recently, Cameron Booth (aka @transitmap) posted a small thumbnail of an Victoria streetcar map I’d never seen before. Apparently at one point in time it had been posted to but the links and map viewer were no longer working. Information on lead me to contacting Dr. Patrick Dunae, who is an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of History at the University of Victoria. He very kindly answered my questions and provided his original scan of the map (which can be downloaded in high-res here). Dr. Dunae also said that his notes indicated this map was from 1902.

Victoria Streetcar Map 1902 – Downtown

This map is beautifully detailed, showing forest, farmland, naval vessels, some select buildings, and my personal favourite curiousity – “headquarters of the sealing fleet”. The streetcar system (run by the British Columbia Electric Railway) is clearly shown in red, with almost no street names being listed except where the network runs. Interestingly, this other map (listed as ‘December 1902’) shows several more lines extending into Fairfield, Vic West, and Hillside. It’s possible this map is from earlier than 1902, but it’s also certainly possible Victoria (and its streetcar network) expanded quickly throughout 1902. Also worth noting is the Mount Baker Hotel, which is shown here perhaps for the last time as it burns down in September of 1902.

Victoria Streetcar Map 1902 – Oak Bay/Fairfield

The last streetcar ran in Victoria in 1948. Today there’s constant talk (and little more) of bringing commuter rail back to southern Vancouver Island. But it’s doubtful we’ll ever see rails in Victoria’s streets again, despite what some might dream up.

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  1. Patrick Dunae

    Hi Owen, We exchanged email a few years ago and I sent you a copy of the coloured 1902 lithographic map of Victoria showing streetcar routes. Are you still maintaining your blog/website? The map function on my website is still not working, but I have a copy of a 1939 Victoria map showing the streetcar routes at the time. I would be happy to share the file with you. regards, Patrick

    • Owen

      Hello Patrick,

      Apologies for the delayed response, but yes I would definitely be interested in seeing this map. I’ve also sent you an email following up.

      Thank you,
      – Owen

  2. Gary Restell

    I’ve got a blown-up coloured map of the Oak Bay streetcar line from your website but I’m unable to get the same blow-up (print or otherwise) at the Esquimalt or Dockyard end of the map.

    Can you help?|

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